Corporate Model Railroad Layouts

Gallery Video Specifications

Scale: Lionel Pre-war Standard Gauge / O Scale 3-Rail

Dimensions: 14 ft x 38 ft glassed-in showroom layout

Number of modulesAll SMARTT layouts are modular, so they can be disassembled, shipped, and reassembled at their final destinations. Designed with computer precision on CAD, and machine cut to exact specs, SMARTT's modular system provides for a smooth and efficient installation process for shipments worldwide more...: 8

Total Turnouts: 6 Standard Gauge

Turntables: 1 Classic Standard Gauge original artifact

Track: Standard Gauge - MTH , O Scale - Lionel Tin-plate

Control System: Custom interactive timer based control started by viewer push-button

Track Specs

 Standard Gauge Mainline 1 (ft)Standard Gauge Mainline 2 (ft)Standard Gauge Mainline 3 (ft)Yard (ft)Standard Gauge Total (ft)O Scale Mainline 4 (ft)
Max. Grade0%0%0%0% 0%
Min. RadiusO 83 dO 71 dO 42 dO 42 d O 30 d

California State Railroad Museum Location: Sacramento, California