Personal Model Railroad Layouts

Gallery Video Specifications

O Scale 20 ft x 29 ft Location: Virginia

This layout of a lifetime has something for everyone!. Magnificent scenery depicting the mountains of Colorado, towering trestles, intricate bridges, a delightful urban city-scape, and several super-detailed industrial areas, complement a challenging track plan that adds mystery and mystique and will never get boring.

For the prototypical purist, there is a fully functioning signal system patterned after the New York Central Railroad. For the toy train enthusiast, there are several reworked Lionel and other animated accessories that will bring a nostalgic smile to those who grew up in Lionel’s heyday. Realistic mining vignettes and a wonderful rural country scene complete the artistry of this unique project.

But this layout is more than a work of art; it provides challenges to the most demanding operator. There are numerous hidden storage tracks, two hidden helixes, and a complex control panel that indicates turnout position, block occupancy, and signal conditions throughout the layout.