Personal Model Railroad Layouts

Gallery Specifications

Scale: O Scale 3-Rail

Dimensions: 30 ft x 70ft Around-the-wall layout with central peninsula.

Number of modulesAll SMARTT layouts are modular, so they can be disassembled, shipped, and reassembled at their final destinations. Designed with computer precision on CAD, and machine cut to exact specs, SMARTT's modular system provides for a smooth and efficient installation process for shipments worldwide more...: 29

Minimum Aisle Width: 30 inches

Feature: Access to aisles from stairways on lower floor

Total Turnouts: 96

Turntables: one 36” (144’)

Track: Gargraves and Ross

Control System: Wireless DCS with multiple functional control panels

Track Specs

 Mainline 1 (ft)Mainline 2 (ft)Mainline 3 (ft)Mainline 4 (ft)Yard (ft)Hidden Staging (ft)Total (ft)
Max. Grade1.85%1.85%1.85%1.85%   
Min. Radius72" (O-144)72" (O-144) 72" (O-144) 72" (O-134)   

O Scale 30 ft x 70 ft Location: Midwestern US