Personal Model Railroad Layouts

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S Scale 16 ft x 54 ft Location: Illinois

A run from Chicago past the industrial northeast to the mountains of upstate New York is the theme of this New York Central based S Scale model railway. Above the city streets, trains rumble over Chicago's famed "EL" bridge on their way towards the oil refineries and rail yards near Gary, Indiana.

Continuing eastbound trains head into the mountains of northern Pennsylvania and upstate New York. A sleepy town provides a way-station for weary travelers before they continue their journey, skirting along deep canyons while crossing a multitude of bridges with rivers raging below.

Operations on this dual-track mainline with hidden staging tracks is a source of never-ending pleasure. “High Balling” with ultra long trains on this extended track plan design helps recreate the heady days when railroading and rail-fanning was at its peak.