Electronic Technician

Scale Models, Arts, & Technologies, Inc. (SMARTT, Inc.), is seeking experienced electronic technicians specializing in Low-Voltage Electronics.

Accepted candidates will work on various “hands-on” aspects of our production and manufacturing needs.


The Successful Candidate must demonstrate a clear understanding of modern electrical assembly, both analog and digital, as well as assembly diagrams and notation. This includes safe practices for handling and working with circuitry.

The Candidate will be called upon to assemble, troubleshoot, and repair low voltage AC and DC circuitry and wiring.

The Candidate must possess the necessary skills and prior experience to perform a variety of tasks including installing wire runs and wire connections, and the assembly and testing of circuit boards.



  • Thorough knowledge of low-voltage power systems, relays, logic, and sensor detection circuits
  • Ability to read, edit, interpret, and analyze electrical diagrams and documents.
  • Ability to use and interpret modern electrical test equipment for troubleshooting
  • Precision soldering is a required essential skill.

Tools:             Experience using various powered tools and hand tools including table saw, band saw, drill press, miter saw etc. saws, drill guns, routers, etc.


Physical:              Physical and fine manual dexterity, and general flexibility will be required to perform some of the listed tasks (Fit in confined spaces, climb ladders, bend, handle fragile components, and work under a table height platform for extended periods.

Travel:                  Occasional travel is required, generally for 1 to no more than 2 weeks at a time.



The following skills, while not required, will positively influence the candidate’s chances:

  • Experience with model railroad DCC systems and related components and programming,
  • Ability to draw or express ideas visually.
  • Ability to design new electronic or logic circuitry
  • Experience with SMD PC-board hand assembly
  • Experience using Micro-controllers – Arduino, Pi, or similar
  • Experience in the Model building, Model Railroading, Slot Car, Robotics, or RC hobbies
  • Software:

CAD:                Ability to compose and edit drawings in AutoCAD 2018 or later.

    Autodesk Inventor is a plus

Text:                 Ability to compose and edit documents in MS Word

Graphics:         Knowledge of Photoshop, Corel, or other graphics software not required, but a definite plus