Making the SMARTT Choice

Today, top quality three dimensional model-making is truly a blend of art and science - a combination of cutting edge technology and creative talent. At SMARTT  we've got the. . .

Expertise:  Our full-time staff includes architects, engineers, technicians, craftsmen, and artists with a combined experience of over 200 years in all types of model-making.

Talent:  No model or miniature can be successfully created without well honed artistic talent, a wealth of patience, and the ability to conceptualize abstract ideas, a SMARTT  fundamental!

Skill:  Building models requires knowledge and experience in design and engineering, interpretation of drawings, plans, or renderings, effective research, and mastery of a multitude of fabrication techniques, tools, materials, and processes.

Facilities:  We incorporate all the latest equipment and techniques in our work. Our modern fully equipped 7,000 square foot facility gives us plenty of room for the most ambitious projects and helps contribute to cost-effective results.

Longevity:  We have a proven Track Record of success. Since 1994, SMARTT  has proudly served both private and corporate clients around the country and abroad.

Service: You can count on onging customer support, long after we've delivered your Dream Project.

Strength:  SMARTT  is a strong, well financed, debt free company with an impeccable banking history.