If your layout already has every nifty animated toy released by MTH or Lionel or the numerous German manufacturers, where can you turn for a unique operating accessory customized to your needs? Welcome to the world of SMARTT  animations --- where the manufacturers leave off is where we begin! From animated city and town features that will draw every eye to your main street to industries, utilities, and trackside projects that bring the layout to life, our animated accessories can deliver the right appeal for you. Our accessories are only available as part of a SMARTT -built custom model railroad layout or other display.

Below is a sample of unique custom-built animations with a short explanation. All animations depicted come from SMARTT  built projects. Unless otherwise noted, the animations are in O Scale (1:48).

Keep in mind these are all custom one of a kind accessories specifically designed for you and your project!!!

SMARTT Animated Bandshell

The Bandshell

This animated bandshell features a number of figures with articulation at the shoulders, waist, or base, allowing them to twist and turn to the accompanying music and softly changing colored lights in the background

 SMARTT Animated Gymnasium

Vigo's Gym

This personal trainer has a starring spot on the layout. We built him a gym where he can pump iron, and his lovely workout partners can work on their sit-ups and waist turns.

 SMARTT Animated Skating Rink

Skating Rink

The magic of a small town skating rink with an upscale twist lends a holiday feeling to this animation. Note that the skaters follow an irregular elliptical path around the rink, not just a boring circle.

 SMARTT Animated Candy Shop

 Candy Shop

Every kid wants his chance at a candy bar and so they're all jumping up and down to attract the attention of the storekeeper who's twisting and turning as fast as he can to keep up. Look closely at the little boy with the backpack and you'll notice that he already HAS the Golden Ticket!

 SMARTT Animated Drawbridge


The train's pulling into town and has to cross the harbor. But wait! There's a boat coming. Time to stop the train and ring the warning bell as the bridge raises then lowers to allow its nautical traffic to pass through.

 SMARTT Animated Water Skier

 Water Skier

It's a beautiful day on the bay, time to water ski! Looks like there's already a boat out there cruising around, pulling a ponytailed skier in a bikini behind.

 SMARTT Animated Santa's Barn

 Santa's Barn

A fanfare of horns and Santa's out and about and ready to fill up his sleigh and his lovely assistants waving their credit cards are happy to oblige. Accompanying strobe lights draw attention right to the jolly fellow and his team.

 SMARTT Animated Helicopter  


It's a busy day at the heliport and this 'copter is cleared for takeoff. The landing lights are strobing around the helipad, and the 'copter's running lights are blinking as it rises into the air, accompanied by a roar. 

 SMARTT Animated Airport


The private airport is busy too as a Learjet is cleared for takeoff on runway one. Cabin lights come on and navigation lights blink as the plane loudly revs its engines and taxis onto the tarmac to depart. Behind it, another plane blinks its navigation lights and waits for the runway to clear.


 The Train Shop

Every little kid (and every big kid too) wants a model train, that's why there's always a crowd at the window to the train shop where the layouts are always in motion. Gaze through these windows and you'll see trains running back and forth as well as racks of train accessories in miniature

 SMARTT Animated CTC Tower

 CTC Tower

This CTC tower will be the focal point of any train yard. Gaze in through the big windows and see the CTC control board alive with lights that flash from red to green to show the passage of imaginary trains through a miniature track plan of the layout area where the tower is located.

 SMARTT Animated Theater Marquee

 Theater Marquee

Moving lights automatically draw the eye to this theater's marquee where movies old and new get star billing.

 SMARTT Animated Movie Screen

 Drive In Movie Screen

Saturday Night, time to take in a flick at the drive in. Just tilt back your seat, hook up the speakers and watch a movie on this functional screen.

 SMARTT Animated Car Wash

 Dirty Larry's Car Wash

"Go ahead, dirt, make my day!" snarls Larry from the sign as the car is escorted into the car wash, through the wash cycle, and out the other side. Watch as the cleaning brushes spin and see the steam from the hot water escape as the freshly washed car emerges.

 SMARTT Animated Water Wheel

 Water Wheel

A pastoral country scene on the river is depicted here as the water wheel slowly passes the day. Imagine this animation used as a paddle wheel on a river steamboat perhaps. With a little imagination, many such simple scenes could be brought to life.