Custom Animated Airport

The Airport

The private airport is busy today as a Learjet is cleared for takeoff on runway one. Cabin lights come on and navigation lights blink as the plane loudly revs its engines and taxis onto the tarmac to depart. Behind it, another plane blinks its navigation lights and waits for the runway to clear. At the edge of the airport, a radar tower spins and blinks warning lights.

This animation has all it's mechanism below the surface so you could put this airport on any layout at any scale and it would look and work great.

The airport runs on low voltage DC using a commercial grade, easily replaceable, display motor for long life. All lighting is LED based. The radar tower is a converted pre-fab accessory modified with a long lasting display motor and blinking LED warning flashers. The jet engine noise is provided by a soundboard synchronized to the action.

The Airport is 1:48 scale.

This animation is part of the Aventura Mall Holiday Layout.