Custom Animated Drawbridge

The Drawbridge

The train's pulling into town and has to cross the harbor. But wait! There's a boat coming. Time to stop the train and ring the warning bell as the bridge raises then lowers to allow its nautical traffic to pass through. Better hope that the boat pilot keeps his eye on the blinking warning beacons indicating the bridge's bottom edge.

Bridges abound on many model train layouts, but ones that open and close are few and far between. Even fewer are those that actually make the train stop and wait until the bridge has completed its cycle. As a bonus safety feature, the bridge checks to see if a train is already crossing and will not trigger until the train has passed. Wouldn't this bring life to your layout or display?

The Drawbridge runs on low voltage DC using a commercial grade, easily replaceable, geared display motor for long life. All lighting is LED based. The bells are on a sound board synchronized to the action.

The Drawbridge is 1:48 scale.

This animation is part of the Aventura Mall Holiday Layout.