Custom Animated Drive-In Movie Screen

Drive In Movie

Saturday Night. Time to take in a flick at the drive in. Just tilt back your seat, hook up the speakers and watch a movie on this functional screen. This movie has a 13" flat screen LCD TV encased in a custom art deco acrylic enclosure. The screen is hooked up to a hidden DVD player so any film you choose can be playing when you want. To complete the scene, other appropriate structures with super detailed interiors fill out the lot. Imagine this set-up at a miniature sports stadium as a "Jumbotron" replaying highlights of the big game. SMARTT can make it part of your layout or display's reality.

The Drive In Movie Screen runs on regular AC from a standard outlet. Other building lights run on low voltage DC power.

The Drive In vignette is 1:48 scale.

This animation is part of the O Scale 22 ft x 51 ft Layout .