Personal Model Railroad layouts




At Scale Models, Arts, & Technologies, Inc., we cater exclusively to the truly discriminating enthusiast, he or she who seeks to realize the dream of a lifetime, their own Model Railroad Layout. For that kind of a visionary, there is only one choice - the personal services from the master craftsmen of SMARTT.

The reason is simple: we build model railroads - any theme, any scale - and we deliver satisfaction beyond your expectations.

At Scale Models, Arts, & Technologies, Inc., we produce every project with fine scale discipline, delivering a level of quality that you can see in every detail. Our Custom Model Railroad Layouts have been featured often in both the mainstream and hobby media - and for good reason. Our Train Layouts truly are works of three-dimensional art, making our clients justifiably proud of their creations.

From one-room Toy Train projects to house-sized scale Railroad Empires and more, SMARTT  will create the ultimate railroad presentation for you . . .


Whether you want a completely finished layout designed and produced from "a to z" - or just have the benchwork, trackwork and electrical work done by us, leaving the decorating work to you, we are the "SMARTT" choice!

We employ a modular construction system and deliver your layout in finished sub-sections. Final assembly is completed at your location. With our system you enjoy several benefits.

  • No mess, nor intrusions by contractors in your premises over long periods. Our installations in almost every case are completed in a matter of days!
  • We can ship virtually anywhere - even for very large projects.
  • And - portability. If you ever move - you CAN take it with you!

Contract with SMARTT and you will find that we will work only one way - the Right Way!