SMARTT 's high precision "Swing Bridge" makes duck-unders or heavy lift up sections a thing of the past. Having tracks crossing over a room entrance or doorway has often enabled a model railroader to enjoy a more expansive layout with broader curves, gentler grades, and many more operational capabilities. But the down side has always been that to do so required that dreaded duck-under - inevitably leading to bumps on the head and back, and sore knees, or a heavy lift-up or lift-out section that one always needed to wrestle with to get right.

Another answer has been the "swing bridge" that opens just like a "Dutch Door" with the train tracks running across. These devices eliminate the need to"duck under" or "lift-up" anything by simply swinging the unit open like any door. These devices have been around for awhile, but getting them right has always been a challenge.

Here at SMARTT,  we have mastered that challenge. Our "Swing Bridge" devices are engineered and built to open and close effortlessly - and most important precisely and reliably to ensure perfect performance - for years and years. Every SMARTT  Swing Bridge is custom designed for each project. Good for all scales - even with multiple tracks - even on grades or curves, a SMARTT  Swing Bridge is one more way we can help you realize your model railroad dream!