HO Scale 15 ft x 38 ft Layout


HO Scale 15 ft x 38 ft Layout



Endless Operations

This exciting HO layout is an operator's dream. At about 38 feet long, and averaging about 10 feet wide, the walk-in design delivers tons of realistic action. There are two independent mainlines with numerous passing sidings, changing grades as they traverse their routes. There is an extensive classification freight yard, a smaller stub end yard with a full locomotive service area complete with a 130 ft turntable, a massive passenger terminal with a freight terminal below, and several industrial spurs. A lengthy 5 track hidden staging yard completes the track plan.

With so many variables, the different routes and schedules this layout design provides are almost limitless.

Long, wide aisles, accessed through SMARTT ’s tried and true swing gate (no duck-under), permit several people to follow along as their DCC controlled trains run along the lengthy routes. But wait. There’s more! This layout is outfitted with a full-blown, extensive, signal system that is software controlled to operate just like a prototype system. Better yet, if you want to just sit back and enjoy the show, this layout’s electronics are set-up for fully automatic computer-control, as well.

The completed scenic elements on this layout are extensive, yet some have been left unfinished for our client to complete at his own leisurely pace (this option is available to every prospective client). Be advised --- we set the bar pretty high on the finished scenes that we detailed!

Check out the animated bridges on the video. One bridge is a modified Walthers operating Bascule bridge, while the other is a completely scratch-built OPERATING lift-bridge based on an Illinois prototype. Laser cutting, 3-D printing, and custom mechanical design & circuitry were all involved in achieving the exciting action these bridges provide.

Another thrilling detail is the huge, 12 track super-detailed passenger train shed next to an upgraded replica of the old St. Louis train station. Below the station is a fully detailed freight terminal loaded with cool vignettes and realistic lighting.

We can only sum up this one with a single word . . . WOW !!!


Endless Operations

Location: Illinois

Scale: HO Scale

Dimensions: 15 ft x 38 ft Around the Room Rectangular with swingbridge access

Number of Modules: 20

Min. Aisle: 26" inches

Total Turnouts:
  • 88

  • 130 ft operating turntable

  • Walthers/Shinohara Code 83
    Shinohara Code 70

Control System:
  • DCC – Wireless; RR&Co ready

  • Custom built operating railroad lift bridge

  • Dutch-door style swing-bridge for room entry

Track Specifications
Mainline 1Mainline 2YardStagingTotal
Trackage (ft.) 371285124175955
Max. Grade % 2.3%2.3%0.02.3-
Min. Radius (in.) 32"32"27"27"-