HO/O Scale 27 ft x 32 ft


HO/O Scale 27 ft x 32 ft


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HO/O Scale US Themed Club Sized Model Train Layout

This multi-scale club-sized layout delivers an entertainment packed thrill for friends and family members of all ages. Featuring a traveling odyssey from the southwest to Chicago, Cleveland, Appalachia, all the way to New York City, this layout will entertain for a lifetime. From a full featured steel industry to coal mining, logging, urban transit, and mainline "high-balling", this layout has it all!

This Photo Gallery has pictures of the HO sections of the layout.

For O-gauge action, this layout can't be beat. The trains start at the full yard and turntable in the American Southwest, reappear in the area of the dingy Chicago tenemants, roll through the Appalachian mountains, and circle the New York Harbor before starting home again.


Enjoy this video and then check out all the key statistics on the specifications page.


HO/O Scale US Themed Club Sized Model Train Layout

Location: Ohio

Scale: HO and O Scale 3-Rail

Dimensions: 27 ft x 32 ft Three peninsula style against-the-wall configuration.

Number of Modules: 14

Min. Aisle: 36 inches

Total Turnouts:
  • HO - 63
  • O - 25

  • HO - Three: 1 @ 18” (130’) and 2 @ 12” (90’)

  • HO Code 83

  • O Gargraves / Ross

Control System:
  • HO - plug-in DCC, O - Wireless DCS / TMCC

Track Specifications
HO Mainline 1HO Mainline 2HO Branch-lineYardTotal HOO Mainline 1O Mainline 2O YardTotal O
Trackage (ft.) 2.431412511575826220696564
Max. Grade %
Min. Radius (in.) 32"32"24"--O72O72--