Macy*s Herald Square , NYC


Macy*s Herald Square , NYC



Macy's at Herald Square, New York City Christmas Holiday Electric Train Display

The magic of electric trains circling the Christmas tree is captured here in this charming scene sponsored by MTH Electric Trains at Macy*s in New York City.As the kids line up to see Santa after his grand entry from the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade, they pass through a maze of dancing penguins, singing trees, and most, anticipated of all, the SMARTT - MTH layout.

Three independent mainlines circle continuously as animated accessories of all sorts start and stop of their own accord. Snow covered peaks surrounding Santa’s workshop greet the happy guests as locomotives pull flatcars full of ornaments round the snowy expanse and across intricate trestle bridges. Down below, cars are lining up at the animated McDonalds and 50’s Drive-in, a fire truck roars out of the firehouse with siren blaring, and the car wash and gas station are delivering full service to their patrons.

Outside town, the local train yard is just as animated, with working freight platforms and an oil tank that fills and empties. All the while, the flickering campfire outside the yard office keeps the workers toasty warm as they watch the passenger trains roar by, filled with folks on their way home to Christmas dinner.

This layout is only the tip of what can be accomplished with a combination of SMARTT’s custom work and the spectacular operating accessories available on the market today.

A modern, completely automated crowd pleaser is easily realized and can even be made modular so that it can be easily set up and taken down every year with minimal effort.


Enjoy this video and then check out all the key statistics on the specifications page.


Macy's at Herald Square, New York City Christmas Holiday Electric Train Display

Location: Santaland Maze at Macy*s flagship Herald Square, NYC store

Scale: O Scale 3-Rail

Dimensions: 13 ft x 24 ft Island layout accessible from three sides.

Number of Modules: 6

Total Turnouts:
  • 5

  • MTH Scaletrax

Control System:
  • DCS fully automated.

  • Numerous operating MTH accessories on programmed loop

Track Specifications
Mainline 1Mainline 2Mainline 3YardTotal
Trackage (ft.) 53463523157
Max. Grade %
Min. Radius (in.) O54O31O31O31-