O Scale 14 ft x 26 ft


O Scale 14 ft x 26 ft



Compact Chicago Styled Layout

This compact project packs a lot of layout into a moderate space. On the lower level alone, there is almost 200 feet of staging track with room to run several trains. Best of all, much of it is visible through decorative portals in the benchwork so you can enjoy watching all the action.

At ground level, there's a detailed city façade with a really long elevated bridge running through its commercial and industrial sections and crossing the river. Three independent mainlines means multiple trains can run constantly. All have access to the staging tracks below, and all can stop at various stations and spurs. The lines run through the mountains and serve a small rural town and a massive power plant. Mainlines 1 and 2 utilize SMARTT 's perfected swing-bridge feature while the upper level folded dog-bone with its two return loops allows continuous operation even with the swing door open.

Finally the custom-installed high quality polished wood veneer makes this layout more than just a work of art, but also an object of fine luxury furnishing in its special room.


Compact Chicago Styled Layout

Location: Illinois

Scale: O Scale 3-Rail

Dimensions: 14 ft x 26 ft Around the Room with swingbridge access

Number of Modules: 13

Min. Aisle: 28" inches

Total Turnouts:
  • 35

  • 3 Rail Gargraves track and Ross Custom Switches

Control System:
  • Wireless DCS / Lionel TMCC / Legacy

  • Multi track Dutch-door style swing-bridge

Track Specifications
Mainline 1Mainline 2Mainline 3StagingYardTotal
Trackage (ft.) 8417313018116584
Max. Grade %
Min. Radius (in.) O72O72O72O72O54-