O Scale 22 ft x 51 ft


O Scale 22 ft x 51 ft



Classic Americana O-Scale Model Railroad Empire

This model railroad layout is the ultimate family home entertainment center. Conceived to be a representation of classic Americana, spanning the United States from coast to coast, this layout has something for everyone! Super-detailed buildings loaded with interiors are everywhere to be seen. Machine shops, lumber yards, even the air traffic control tower are lavished with tiny yet intricate detail. Almost all of these are personalized with names, signage, and themes of family members and close friends. Set in magnificent scenery this three-dimension miniature world is truly alive.

Stop by the ball park and watch the little leaguers play an inning. Old Hank’s firing up the grill. Then cruise over to the Drive-in movie with real 13” screen that plays anything you like. Grab a subway and head into the city for a touch of the night-life, or if you’re driving, stop by Dirty Harry’s operating car wash to spruce up the old clunker. While you’re waiting take the trolley and visit the downtown shops and eateries or go people-watching at the massive Grand Station.

To further delight the kids this fascinating project also includes several classic Lionel operating accessories. With the push of a button, young entrepreneurs can become instant oil or mining tycoons, just like their grandparents did

Grab a pencil… make a list of family and friends you want to commemorate… and we’ll help you build your own empire!


Enjoy this video and then check out all the key statistics on the specifications page.


Classic Americana O-Scale Model Railroad Empire

Location: Boynton Beach, Florida

Scale: O Scale 3-Rail

Dimensions: 22 ft x 51 ft Around-the-wall with central peninsula and swing-bridge access.

Number of Modules: 20

Min. Aisle: 30 inches

Total Turnouts:
  • 79

  • one 36” (144’)

  • Gargraves and Ross

Control System:
  • Converted DCC walk-around plug-in

  • Operating custom 13” LCD screen drive-in theater.

Track Specifications
Mainline 1Mainline 2Mainline 3Mainline 4Mainline 5YardTrolleySubwayTotal
Trackage (ft.) 34725821318515631723391538
Max. Grade % 1.852.
Min. Radius (in.) O96O96O80O80O88-O24O31-