BrassTraxx --- BIG EMMAs in BRASS

by Ray Del Papa

For you brass enthusiasts, be sure to look for look for informative stories on brass models past and present. We will feature these short stories in several upcoming editions of our Newsletter.



The L&N 2-8-4 “Big Emma’s” are one of the most sought after brass models ever imported. Gem was the first to bring these models into the US back in 1961 and Westside models imported them back in 1971-1972. Both were built by Katsumi in Japan. However there was one major flaw in these models; both runs were of Lima locomotives but Katsumi chose to use the Baldwin tenders on them. In O scale, US Hobbies repeated the mistake. However that did little to deter L&N modelers from picking them up whenever one would become available. Division Point recently imported the models from Korea and they got it right.

from the April, 2011 SMARTT Newsletter

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