Marc Jacobs Fashion Week 2012 Volcano



Project: Marc Jacobs Fashion Week 2012 Volcano


Project: Marc Jacobs Fashion Week 2012 Volcano


Marketing experts know that they sometimes have moments to capture the attention of the modern shopper. What better way to pull someone out of their path than with an exciting combination animated train display/ showcase shelf for featured products?

This was the idea behind the tropical island volcano dreamed up for Marc Jacobs' prominent New York location for Fashion Week 2012!

This project seamlessly combines a lush tropical island, a glowing smoking volcano, a modern train that circles the island, a stone viaduct bridge, and a number of "Easter eggs" for the alert viewer. The lava trails down the side of the caldera glow and slowly pulse bright orange. To further the effect, a ring of orange LED's sits inside the crater rim to light up the smoke that puffs out. Interspersed among these elements are deliberately flat and vacant areas intended to display small fashion items to the customers, like purses, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Because the location in the shop may not have had immediate and easy power access, the display runs on rechargeable batteries that can be swapped out via a hidden hatch in the rear.

Although only scheduled for a one week appearance, the volcano was so popular that it remained on display for many months. Another SMARTT choice!

Scale: HO Scale
Dimensions: 40 in x 40 in

Location: NYC

  • Operating HO train

  • Lightweight, sturdy construction

  • Illuminated lava

  • Operating smoke generator

  • Rechargeable battery power source

  • Detailed figures and vignettes