Spaceship Shooting Miniature



Project: Spaceship Shooting Miniature

Spaceship Shooting Miniature Spaceship Shooting Miniature


Project: Spaceship Shooting Miniature


This is an award winning original model of a futuristic fantasy spaceship. It is designed to function as a shooting miniature for film and television production. It includes multiple concealed hard-points to enable it to be mounted from several different angles for versatility in filming. Additionally, the model is loaded with electronic lighting effects all operated via wireless remote control. It can be disassembled into three sections for easy transport.

Whether shot from close-up, as a fly-by, or from a distance, the intricate detail and weathering on every inch of the model’s surface holds up -- on a par with the greatest spaceships of epic film history.

Scale: Unspecified Size: Approximately 6 feet long