Professional Scale Model Maker

Scale Models, Arts, & Technologies, Inc. (SMARTT, Inc.), is seeking model makers with professional experience in architectural, engineering, and diorama and display models.

The positions offered are primarily to fabricate and assemble custom designed high-end scale models, displays, and exhibits.

Accepted candidates will work on various “hands-on” aspects of our production and manufacturing needs.


JOB DESCRIPTION:  Primary Specific Requirements and Skills

Successful candidates REQUIRE the following skills and experience:

  • Precision assembly of wood, plastic, or metal components with various fasteners and adhesives.
  • Precision fabrication of component parts and sub-assemblies using mechanical and powered shop tools including table saw, band saw, drill press, router, miter saw, precision machine tools (miniature lathes and milling machines), as well as various non-powered hand tools.
  • Precision assembly, painting, and detailing of delicate models and miniatures.
  • Artistic painting and weathering skills to create character and enhance realism of scale models.
  • Strong attention to detail and quality control in all aspects of tasks performed.
  • Experience working with Laser cut, CNC milled, and 3-D printed parts and components.



Preference will be given to candidates with the following “Most Desirable” additional skills and experience:

  • Experience in Model Railroading
  • Experience in the Scale Model building, Slot Car, Robotics, or RC hobbies.
  • Preparation of, processing, and post processing of Laser cut and 3-D printed parts and components.
  • Experience in resin and silicon casting and mold making.
  • Artistic free-form skills to create miniature landscaping and natural scenic elements
  • Precision soldering, both for electronic and light metal assemblies.
  • Basic electronics knowledge with experience in low voltage circuits.
  • Ability to draw or express ideas visually.
  • Knowledge of design software – AutoCAD 2019+, Inventor 2020+.
  • Knowledge of graphics software, Corel, Photoshop.
  • Ability to compose and edit documents in MS Word.



Physical:         Good manual dexterity, and general physical agility will be required to perform some tasks -ie: occasionally fit in confined spaces, climb ladders, and lift various components, etc.

Travel:             Occasional short-term travel requirements to install projects at client’s locations.