The mission of the SMARTT  Blog:
To bring interesting information, stories and opinions to the model railroad / railfan blog-a-sphere each week. The blog will be dedicated to model railroaders, railfans, toy train enthusiasts and all people in-between. We at the SMARTT blog are dedicated to being creative, educational, informative and sometimes humorous and to having an exciting blog that will be enjoyable for all. It is our intent to bring to this blog the same innovative and creative skills that have made SMARTT the leader in their field. We will also give you a chance to participate on our various posts with your comments, enabling you to become a part of this blog.

The writers for the SMARTT  Blog:
We have a strong background in scale modeling that goes beyond model railroading. Many of us have won awards for models that we have built. We also have a vast knowledge of prototype railroads and trains that run on them. Our writers will make every attempt to update you on the latest news and information in the hobby as well as out on the mainline. 

A brief history of SMARTT, Scale Models Arts and Technologies: 
Started in 1995, SMARTT is the premier builder of model railroads in the US and the world. It has built model railroads for museums, malls, and department stores, as well as for private individuals.  Some layouts have exceeded 50 feet in length and that includes some we have built for private individuals. We have built layouts for people of all walks of life as well as commercial establishments. The layouts range from the traditional three-rail to highly detailed scale reproductions of such real life locations as, old city San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bavaria, Germany in the 1920’s. We have done steel mills, ships, cities, towns, and even an exact replica of the Capital Building in old San Juan.

There is no project too challenging for our staff, in fact we welcome those projects the most! So come join us as we explore the wonderful world of trains and model trains in the SMARTT  BLOG.

So it is ALL ABOARD FOR SMARTTRAX  as we inaugurate this blog with your participation.  Now get on board as we start this journey together!


  1. Anonymous on April 30, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Three years ago I sat down with Michael Hart and we designed my dream layout. The constant communication I enjoyed during the design and construction made the building experience wonderful. Since it’s installation I have enjoyed every trouble-free moment running trains. 5 star service all the way. Henry, Miami,Florida

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